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Nowadays our society can’t imagine it’s life without cheap prepaid phone cards. These cards are really very convenient and useful. They help us to be in touch with our relatives, friends, business partners and it is no matter how far we are. Prepaid phone cards are also unique because of their universal usage from different means of communication: from landline, from mobile phone to any regular phone. Speaking about our topic it is necessary to know what basic questions customer must ask the dealer when he buys such a card, especially when he do it for the first time.

During using or before buying prepaid phone cards could appear many problems and I want to tell you about the most important and general questions.

First of all you have to pay your attention on the Dialing instruction. It can be situated on the cards wrapper or packaging. You have to follow the specific instructions and then you can make calls where you want. Some calling cards have PIN (Personal Identification Number), it means that every your call will be started with entering your PIN number. Try to keep the PIN for safety reasons. And talking about the cards that haven’t PIN number they have their peculiarities. Ask the dealer about it. Speaking about connect charges, you must know that some cheap prepaid phone cards show their appropriate connection charges on the packaging, detailing the rates, and available surcharges for calls from your area to the international destinations or local one. When the rates or surcharges are not showed, the card could be billing you invisible charges which could reduce the total amount of call time, that you think you have.

Balance of money is not so complicated task. If you want to know how much money or time do you have on your card, just enter the number which give you your card provider and enter your PIN number when prompted.
As I have already mentioned these cheap phone cards we can use in Mobile Phones for a long distance calls. But, of course, not all prepaid cards have this function. If you could use them, check your rate plan whether the airtime minutes will be deducted from it. Speaking about these cards closely, we can say that their call rates are competitive. The rates for phone cards are nearly always better then the rates you’d usually get from long-distance company phone cards. To consider if you are getting the best value for your dollar, calculate the per-minute rate by no dividing the card’s price by its minutes. For instance, a $10 card with 100 minutes of phone time charges 10 cents a minute.

Many cheap prepaid phone cards offer seamless, quick and crisp quality voice calls mostly to all international and local destinations. Of course when you are looking for cards which offer really low rates, it will give you call quality as you are calling from an old phone, complete with all the scratchy sound volumes.

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